The Beauty of The Dance
£10eBook: £3
Genres: Fantasy, Short Story Collection
Publisher: Guardbridge Books
Publication Year: 2016
ASIN: 1911486047
ISBN: 9781911486046

In a world where music and dance are the source of magic tone deaf and uncoordinated Sune must figure out how to save her secret crush from political intrigue and magical danger.

About the Book

In a world where magic is controlled by music and dance can you imagine what it must be like to be tone-deaf and uncoordinated? Sune can tell you exactly what it’s like. She’s smitten with one of the court’s finest dancers, Avalessa, but when the object of her affection’s life is threatened by political intrigue and magical danger what can she do to help her beloved when she has no talent?

The Beauty of the Dance received an Honorable Mention in the Writers Of The Future contest Q1 2015, and is now published in Myriad Lands anthology volume 1 from Guardbridge Books.

Interested in the rest of the anthology?

Beyond the familiar tropes of kings and castles, elves and dragons, there is a whole world of possibilities for fantasy literature. This anthology collects fantasy stories whose inspiration lies beyond the traditional medieval European basis. It brings exciting new stories and overlooked voices into the fantasy genre.

This volume contains stories based on real cultures (or their magical analogues) from all over our world. Stories by: Tade Thompson, Mary Anne Mohanraj, Lyn McConchie, Daniel Heath Justice, Dilman Dila, Daniel Ausema, and more.

– A Chinese ex-soldier is confronted by the ghost of a young man he killed in battle.

– African gods roam modern Britain following an immigrant family.

– A blind Japanese girl journeys through the woods to tend her grandparents’ grave and encounters a nefarious fox spirit.

– How does an Indian noble girl learn to cope after becoming untouchable?

– A Nigerian boy catches a magical fish the local magicians would love to eat. But is it worth more to him alive?

– A girl from the Caucasus mountains is set to marry a young man from the valley, when an invasion of Cyclopses interrupts the wedding.

Enjoy nineteen stories of fantasy, adventure, and magic from around the world.

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