God’s Chosen
Genre: Horror
Publisher: Vision Writers
Publication Year: 2016
ISBN: 9780992515034

Ryn plans to flee the cult she was born into but her people’s God has something else in mind.

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About the Book

“Live forever with Him in the Glorious Deep.”

Ryn never realised what was wrong with the world she lived in until Corrine came from outside the commune and showed her. Unhappy with the countless restrictions upon her life Ryn plans to flee beyond the compound walls with her boyfriend, Pitar, but her people’s God has something else in mind for her.

A short horror story, collected in the anthology, Darkest Depths.

More about Darkest Depths:

“Up ahead is an escalator that’ll take us down to the cerebellum,” he said. “That’s where the wombat leaves us.”
“Why?” I asked.
“He’s claustrophobic.”

In 2014, Vision Writers published an inaugural collection of speculative fiction stories, “18”. In 2016, we’re at it again, and this time, we’re digging deep and going dark.

If you’re brave enough to gaze into the abyss (beware: it’s watching you), you’ll find a woman caring for a monster, a father’s suffocating guilt, a jumping castle, a tale of the Horseman, a military science experiment gone wrong (don’t they all?), a lake monster, some mutants in a hole, and of course, a bizarre trip through the mind, with a doppelganger and a booze-soaked wombat in a 1969 Kombi.

So be sure to read this under the covers with the torch on and the windows locked. There’s dark things out there. And there’s even darker things in here.

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