Genre: Horror
Publisher: Fox Spirit Books
Publication Year: 2017
ASIN: 1910462128
ISBN: 9781910462126

New girl in town, Audrey, has a secret which turns a simple survey of the local bushland into something much more dangerous

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About the Book

Audrey never wanted to leave Sydney, but a brutal attack lead her and her family to flee to a rural country town to escape the trauma and media circus both. Befriended by locals she’s invited to help search the bush for a lost heritage site, but Audrey has a secret which – combined with what hides in the bush – makes this simple survey of the local bushland something much more dangerous.

Curious about the rest of the anthology?

Speculative fiction, art and graphic stories by authors from Australia, New Zealand, and Pacific islands like Hawaii and Guam. All the stories are based on folklore, myths and legends about monsters from the region. Pacific Monsters is the fourth in a coffee table book series with dark fiction and art about monsters from around the world.

Here be Monsters! They lurk and crawl and fly in the shadows of our mind. We know them from ancient legends and tales whispered by the campfire. They hide under the dark bridge, in the deep woods or out on the great plains, in the drizzling rain forest or out on the foggy moor, beneath the surface, under your bed. They don’t sparkle or have any interest in us except to tear us apart. They are the monsters! Forgotten, unknown, misunderstood, overused, watered down. We adore them still. We want to give them a renaissance, to reestablish their dark reputation, to give them a comeback, let the world know of their real terror.

Pacific Monsters is the fourth volume in a coffee table book series from Fox Spirit Books with dark fiction and art about monsters from around the world.

“Another great monster collection! On maps, the Pacific has plenty of room for the chilling promise of “Here there are monsters,” and this collection certainly proves the truth in that, inviting readers to step away from the tame and venture into the uncharted reaches of Pacific myth and tradition.” ~Charles Payseur, reviewer of speculative short fiction, author of Fieldwork and A Friendly Ghostbusting, and author of short stories in Strange Horizons, Nightmare Magazine, Shimmer Magazine, and Lightspeed Magazine.

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