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Series: Retailored Fairy Tales
Genres: fairy tale, Fantasy
Publisher: Rampant Loon Media
Publication Year: 2018

The evil warlock sure isn't going to trim all those hedges himself

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About the Book

In the heart of the labyrinth is a tower. In the tower, a princess. Ruling over all, an evil lord. But who maintains that magical labyrinth? Lord Rangatt sure isn’t going to trim all those hedges himself, nor maintain the traps or feed the beasts. That’s Shena’s job, passed down from her father, and she takes great pride in the fact not one prince has made it even as far as the tower. That pride wars with guilt however, and her awareness of how the other townspeople view her. Despite that, change can be a dangerous thing when it involves quitting your job for a powerful warlock, not to mention abandoning your late father’s legacy isn’t easy to do either. What kind of a catalyst does Shena need to finally decide on her fate for herself?

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Rampant Loon Press is excited to announce the release of Stupefying Stories 22, featuring the terrific new cover story, THE SHE-DRAGON OF BLY, by Jason D. Wittman. In an alternate timeline in which the Soviet Union won WWII, England is now a Soviet satellite, some magic actually works, and Premier Kruschev is going eyeball-to-eyeball with President Patton, the last surviving member of His Majesty’s Dragonslayer Corps is pulled out of retirement, because it seems dragons are not extinct after all and one has taken up residence in a prominent Politburo member’s country estate. Here there be dragons, indeed!

Also in this issue:

  • GROUNDSKEEPER • by Kirstie Olley
  • RAIN CHARMER • by Gef Fox
  • OHŌTSUKU-KAI • by NM Whitley
  • UPON THE BLOOD-DARK SEA • by Auston Habershaw
  • THE FISHERWOMAN • by C.J. Paget
  • THE YIN YANG CRESCENT • by Ian Whates
  • GLAMOUR FOR TWO • by Judith Field

From magic, to mystery, to science fiction so hard it clanks, here are nine tales to chill, thrill, excite and amuse you.  Always fresh and entertaining, never formulaic or predictable, Stupefying Stories is the great new reading you’ve been looking for! Download it now!

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